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Membership Benefits

  • Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği İstatistikleri
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Üyelik Avantajları


  • Discount rate facilities some Banks 
  • Member card holders, Hotel, Restaurant and Health Organizations benefit from the discount.
  • Internal and external trade issues benefiting from vocational and technical information and consulting services,
  • Advantage of Chamber  publications,
  • Legislative changes and commercial life to be aware of concerning the announcement
  • Exporters of issued certificates of origin and movement of documents, inspection and approval procedures,
  • Import and export all invoices related to the document etc. By approvals,
  • In cases where the foreign trade expert and expert determination procedures, and to be reported,
  • Benefit from the necessary interventions for the Elimination of external disputes and dispute mediation services. 
  • International Fair organizations take advantage of the Chamber.
  • Commercial export documents for visa processing.
  • Capacity builder of the members of the report preparation, approval and be sent to the Union Chambers . 
  • Get information about current market prices.
  • Verify whether invoices are appropriate for the requested approval raice,
  • Registration and approval processes of Business Machines
  • K Document Services to the benefit of our members,
  • The realization of the registration process TAPDK
  • The granting of the certificate of compliance Insurance Agency,
  • Determination of the fair value of real estate and securities
  • Which is required for various business transactions of the company registration certificate, business license, tender document, signature, ratification, such as based on the records of the registry of documents,provision 
  • Of the firm owner, partner or authorized their bağ-Kur related to the preparation and approval of all forms. 
  • Mastery, journeyman, apprentice, etc. approval of contracts be made.
  • Overseas business proposals, trade fairs and international auctions to be informed about.
  • The granting of the wall plate from our Chamber.
  • Online loan inquiry 
  • Awarding successful companies.
  • The determination of rates of fire and casualty products,
  • Issues of concern to our members, making decisions and customary customs
  • The needs of our members for trainings, seminars and information meetings,arranging
  • Implementation of activities for the promotion of historical and cultural heritage of our province
  • Our conference room allocation
  • Various topics of public and private organizations who wish to review a document providing