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Message from the President

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/ Mesajlar
Message from the President

Message from the President
Dear Members, Dear readers of Business World , 
I greet you with our magazine from the first issue of 2016 with respect and love..
Unfortunately, the 2016  terrorist attacks and threats from outside our borders and preserve the warmth of our agenda.
However, the experienced impunity and the ruling party in the political arena are the other issues that we carefully monitor the developments in the process Chairmanship.
Our country wishes of our business as the world is rid of as soon as the response from the scourge of terrorism, which has become a bleeding wound. Another wish of our country, our economy is locked in capturing the stability of the economy.
reform raised by the Government of the respective ministries should be implemented as soon as possible.
Because terrorism is a game of foreign powers who want to be strong our economy. I believe the continued economic stability achieved in the way of breaking this game and will be carried out with a strong economy.
As you know, our state's eastern Anatolia in the endzone by organizing terrorist operations in various regions of our country from the scourge of terrorism in the rescue effort.
As a result of this operation from time to time 'if the soil is the homeland who have died for the sake of "our soldiers like the proverbial lion's our homeland, our future, our honor, it is going to protect veterans or killed in falls. In our country live bomb attacks, in a terrorist organization, which is trying to attack with our nation as well as the target of intimidation to destroy stability in our country.
This honorable struggle of our fallen soldiers mercy of Allah, I wish condolences to the families. I am grateful also to our veterans and gratitude.
On the other hand, our city and high-speed train project which will contribute to the growth and development of the industry, as a result of interventions targeted to enter service on 2019.
Too late, though investment 'if the damage from where the card returns' to evaluate the logic of this project will be more accurate. Because the past is the past, it is to look to the future and to ensure that real steps to make sure the industry of Çorum. Corum is a steady increase in exports in the last 5 years concerned. This stability is to continue in 2016, it is our wish.
With these feelings and thoughts; the consolidation of the cooperative spirit of our city and our country, to increase the speed of social and economic development and the strengthening of domestic production, is entering a period I offer my respect for the wishes. The continuing and increasing the support it provides to greet respectfully requests


                                                                                          Çetin BAŞARANHINCAL

                                                                               Çorum Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

                                                                                           Chairman of the Board