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TR-83 region (Amasya-Çorum-Tokat-Samsun ) and the economic opportunities offered in the city Corum SME's evaluating in a rational manner on their scale, unfortunately, do not demonstrate the same success in the field of tourism. Owned tourism values, including the dynamics that produce added value in the tourism economy and tourism on a regional basis to receive the maximum profit from minimizing suppress reduces.  On the other hand, regional competitiveness, which is one of the most powerful arguments of the tourist richness of the city in the image of the brand is not enough insulin. 

TR-83 compared with the neighboring provinces in the region, çorum, rich archaeological, historical-cultural values in the front row. This has the potential, thanks to the province of çorum is located in the ruins of Hattusa, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1986, has entered into. 2012, the Ministry of Culture and tourism according to the inventory; 3 urban sites,52 is an archaeological site, 52 is an archaeological site, 61 The House of Corum traditional, 8 han, 8 hamam, 118 archaeological sites, and other attractions, including in the field of research, has registered a total of 300 cultural value.

However, the problem is the city's historical, touristic and cultural values in a manner that will not create them with the multitude of tourist opportunities should be planned and marketability lies in its ability to strategist.From this point on, in a study of the tourism potential of the city to the point of having dynamic products that can be extracted and marketed are required to develop sound policies.

If the lowest layer of such an endeavor, the University, the governor, the Mayor and a broad range of relevant stakeholders, including NGOs, the axis must be performed.  For this purpose a series of joint work carried out with stakeholders and the provincial is scheduled to be extremely versatile.Ultimately, the next seven years for the period of the tourism master plan are planned to be prepared.The preparation of this Protocol and its stakeholders the governor of the province of Corum Provincial Directorate of Culture and tourism, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of çorum hitit University and the symposium started with. SFinal Report of the proceedings of the Symposium of çorum province and the tourism master plan is aimed to be an important reference source.The master plan work will continue with the removal of the work versatile.

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